Stop 11: Indian Lands Near the Unassigned Lands

Marker Location: 415 N Broadway, Business District


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Cheyenne and Arapahoe leaders met with federal officials on May 23 and 24, 1889 at the Post Office building at 10 W. Main to work out an agreement regarding tribal land claims west and north of the Unassigned Lands. (OHS photo archives. All rights reserved.) Click here to view extra large image
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April 22, 1889 at noon

Oklahoma Land Run officially begins.

April 23, 1889

The first mass meeting is called. A Citizens' Committee of 14 is elected and instructed to conduct a survey.

April 27, 1889

Conflicting surveys are reconciled and approved at a second mass meeting. A temporary Mayor is elected.

May 1, 1889

The first formal election is held. A Mayor and city council are chosen.

May 23-24, 1889

Cheyenne and Arapahoe leaders meet with federal officials to discuss the sale of land claims outside the Unassigned Lands.

July 16, 1889

The election to adopt a new city charter written by Kickapoo dissenters is shut down by the Mayor.

August 29, 1889

A new city charter written by supporters of the Mayor is overwhelming rejected at the polls.

September 17, 1889

Six congressmen visit the city for a first-hand look at Oklahoma country.

September 21, 1889

Another Kickapoo charter election is broken up by the U.S. military.

November 11, 1889

Mayor W.L. Couch resigns after a summer and fall of political unrest.


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