Settling the Conflicting Surveys

Stop 6: 1 N Broadway Ave

The Citizens' Survey, begun the day after the Run, was reconciled with the survey of the Seminole Town and Improvement Company at a mass meeting on April 27.

As the Citizens' Committee and its surveyors worked north from the section line at Reno, a subcommittee of five - the awarding committee met with rival claimants on each surveyed lot, listened to their stories and awarded claims. Crowds gathered around, and a clever settler nailed three boards in a triangle to separate the subcommittee and claimants from the curious observers. The work of the awarding committee proceeded smoothly without rancor.

By Friday, the surveyors had reached Main Street, where they encountered major discrepancies with the survey of the Seminole Town Company and hostility from settlers whose claims would be threatened by realignment. Continuation of the Citizens' Survey would throw hundreds of settlers off their lots.

Saturday morning, a nasty confrontation ensued with threats of violence from Seminole settlers. Another mass meeting was called that afternoon with Angelo Scott again presiding. A conference committee of ten was chosen, five from north and five from south of Main Street, to reconcile the conflicting surveys.

The conference committee quickly went to work and at dusk that Saturday the citizens adopted the report of the conference committee by acclamation.